Woman finds rare two-headed snake slithering around home: 'He was really an easy pet'

A Florida woman said her daughter’s cat, Olive, caught a rare two-headed snake outside of her home and brought it into the living room to show off her prized possession. Find out more now.
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Zoo Python That Hasn't Been With a Male in 15 Years Lays Miracle Eggs

Staff at the Saint Louis Zoo still aren’t quite sure how it happened, but a female ball python had laid eggs – and she hasn’t been with a male python in more than 15 years. Learn about the more-than-50-year-old snake on RADIO.COM.
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What are you afraid of?

Ghosts did NOT make the list of our top fears though. According to the survey, here are the top ten things we're afraid of . . . 1. Snakes. 2. Spiders. 3. Sharks. 4. Drowning. 5. Heights. 6. Public speaking. 7. Failure. 8. Bees. 9. Tight spaces. 10. Rejection.
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