Maria and Chad Show

Maria and Chad's Slow and Tell 7/5

One of our favorite things about the Maria and Chad Show is the random things we say. We take a clip from the show and slow it down to the point where it sounds like we are WAY GONE. This week Chad was talking about cloning a dog. Yeah... give it a listen and hopefully it will make you laugh!
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Florida or Anywhere Else 7/5

There are lots of people that get arrested for weird reasons. Most of the time we think that they are from Florida. But not so fast. People also get assaulted by chicken nuggets other places too. Maria finds these stories and has created a fun guessing game "Florida or Anywhere Else."
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Kane Brown Teases New Music

Kane Brown is teasing brand new music! He asked his Instagram fans "to tag a friend. if we hit a million views I'll release it for ya'll." Well, ask and you shall recieve Kane. This instagram video has over 1 million views so his new song Rodeo will be out soon! Since y’all were diggin it I got a...
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Maria and Chad's Get The Fake Out 7/2

Chad is going to try to trick you today. Which headline do you think is fake? 1) A movie theater in Ohio plays nothing but movie trailers for 2 hours on repeat with no movies. 2) Popeye was right. Scientists have found a steroid like chemical in spinach. 3) There are now pills that exist to make...
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