The Maria and Chad Show

Maria and Chad's The Last Word 8/14

How quickly can you think?!!! Mara and Chad go back and forth with random topics. The goal is to get The Last Word in before time runs out. Producer JP comes up with the topics and throws them a curve ball at the end. It's ALWAYS worth listening to hear Maria and Chad scramble to keep up! Play...
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Maria and Chad's Get The Fake Out 8/13

One Of These Headlines Is Fake: 1) Scientists have created Chernobyl vodka. 2) A thief tried to steal a cross and it fell crushing him. 3) Somebody tried to steal a Tesla and during the high speed chase the battery ran out. Which one is completely made up? Make your guess and listen to the audio...
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Shower Songs with JP's Dad 8/12

It's time to get in the shower with our Producer JP's Dad! He sings, his voice cracks, and we all love it! Hear your favorite country songs like never before as our Producer JP's Dad sings them as best as he can in the shower. Listen Below!
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Watch This Video of Simone Biles Making History

When you watch this video of Simone Biles you are going to say things like, "NO WAY AND HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!" Simone blew minds with her latest floor routine. It was so good that the announcer said, "Give this women a crown!" She's the best! Way to go Simone and way to represent! USA! USA! USA!...
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Maria and Chad's The Last Word 8/7

Maria and Chad go back and forth on random topics to see who can think the quickest until time runs out. Producer JP always gives them a curve ball at the end and makes things even tougher. How quick can you think? Listen to the audio below and find out how good you can do on this week's "The Last...
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