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Granger Smith Opens Up To Gunner & Cheyenne

Granger Smith Opens Up To Gunner & Cheyenne.
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Gunner and Cheyenne

Gunner & Cheyenne's Sober October

Here's the link to join our team:
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Chad Makes Us Guess 8/8

What was your FAVORITE memory about high school? That's the topic on this week's episode of "Chad Makes Us Guess!" Listen to the audio and see if your guess is in the Top 10!
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Radney Foster Interview

Radney Foster is one of the most respected singer / songwriters in country music. He has had a big impact on artists like Darius Rucker, Keith Urban, Kacy Musgraves and many more. He’s playing on August 16th at the MIM. Tim from @KMLE1079 sat down and caught up with Radney. Follow on Twitter: @...
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Maria and Chad's Florida or Anywhere Else 7/31

There are lots of people that get arrested for weird reasons. Most of the time we think that they are from Florida. But not so fast. People also get assaulted by tacos in other places too. Maria finds these stories and has created the fun guessing game "Florida or Anywhere Else."
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Which Celebrity Do You Look Like?

Meet Zack from Gilbert(pictured right). He says he gets mistaken for Luke Combs(Pictured left) all the time. Especially, when he goes to Denim & Diamonds. Do you agree? Which celebrity do people say you look like?
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Shower Songs w/ JP's Dad 7/22

Oh wow! On this week's episode of Shower Songs w/ JP's Dad, he brought an instrument in the shower and started playing it! Hear your favorite country songs like never before as JP's Dad sings them as best as he can in the shower.
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Maria And Chad Show Producer JP Auditions For The Phoenix Suns Dancers

Ever want to be a Suns Dancer?!! Saturday July 20th is your chance to do just that. To “demonstrate” what the Suns Dancers are looking for, JP of the Maria and Chad Show did a try out. He incorporates all 3 things: Step 1) Be confident. Step 2) Give it your all. Step 3) Have fun with the whole...
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New Music From Miranda Lambert "It All Comes Out In The Wash"

All right Miranda Lambert fans, we have some new music for you today! "It All Comes Out In The Wash" will be playing at the top of every hour on KMLE 107.9 FM until midnight tonight. Enjoy it in your car, around the house, or by your pool!
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Maria and Chad's Florida or Anywhere Else 7/17

Let's be honest. If you hear a story about someone getting arrested because they hit someone over the head with a bag of tortilla chips, you think it happened in Florida right? BUT this kind of stuff DOES happen other places sometimes. See if you can guess if it happened in "Florida or Anywhere...
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