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Watch This Video of a Toddler Taking a Wild Ride At The Airport

Wow! Not sure where the parents were? A toddler wandered on to the conveyer belt at the Atlanta Airport. Security cameras caputred his wild ride. He did have an injury, but he's going to be okay. Check out the video below.
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Maria and Chad's The Last Word 7/24

How quickly can you think?!!! Mara and Chad go back and forth with random topics. The goal is to get The Last Word in before time runs out. Producer JP comes up with the topics and throws them a curve ball at the end. It's ALWAYS worth listening to hear Maria and Chad scramble to keep up! Play...
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Watch Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren's Gender Reveal For Baby Number Three

Ada James and Willa Gray are about to get a new sibling! Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren posted their gender reveal video on Instagram just yesterday. AND... It's a girl! Watch the video to see the pink smoke in the sky. Also watch Thomas's dad Rhett. He looks into the camera and says it's gonna...
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Maria and Chad's Get The Fake Out 7/23

Can you guess which headline is fake? 1) A glow in the dark shark species discovered by scientists 2) If you make whoopie at high altitude, it results by lowering your children's IQ. 3) A broken heart may lead to cancer. What's your guess? Listen to the audio and see if you are correct!
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175 THOUSAND Dollars In Cash Is Lying On The Side Of The Road W.W.Y.D?

I'll be honest. I used to live in Atlanta and know exactly where this happened. If I saw it "raining" cash on the highway, I'd be tempted. REAL TEMPED. Credit card debit. Bills... you know the deal. A BIG part of me would want to turn into Vin Diesl in a Fast and Furious movie. I'd hit the...
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Goodguys Southwest Nationals with Chris Matthews! 11-17-17

The KMLE Country Krew and Chris Matthews were out at the Goodguys Southwest Nationals car show on Friday enjoying this lovely weather and checking out some cool cars. It was a super fun afternoon filled with amazing cars and even better listeners! If you missed the event, you can check out the pics...
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