GC Cody

Cody Johnson Talks The Big Game, Fights, and Bull Riding

Gunner and Cheyenne got the opportunity to talk to Cody Johnson. He gave us his "Big Game" prediction. Also, since Cody used to ride bulls... JP asked Cody if he is scared of a bull just by the sound of its name. We all had fun and laughed. Cody is AWESOME!!!
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Kurt Busch Racing into Phoenix and the Vending Machine

NASCAR Star Kurt Busch talks about what he's doing with Veterans and gets challenged to a race
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Luke Combs Almost Chose This Career Instead Of Music

We couldn't imagine life without Luke Combs singing and performing his amazing songs. But can you believe he was in school to become a homicide detective? Hear his story he just shared with Jimmy Kimmel. We're all glad he picked a career in music. Luke also performed two of his new songs: 1,2 Many...
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Jordan Davis with Jared Marshall

What Lie Did Jordan Davis Tell to Get Out of a Wedding? [VIDEO]

Jordan Davis talks with Jared Marshall and tells us what famous friend he would call to get rid of a body and the lie he told his wife to get out of a wedding.
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The Maria and Chad Show Interview Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay were excited to call The Maria and Chad Show to talk about their freshly announced Gila River Arena Show coming to Glendale in 2020! What do you think the food situation was like at Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber's wedding? Also you'll hear the remix of tequila that NO ONE asked for but...
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Maria & Chad Interview Glendale Police Officer Sgt. Turney

"If we don't help each other than what else do we have? There's so much negativity out there in the world. We got to do the right thing to help each other out. The more we can do that the better we'll be." We have the utmost respect for Glendale's own Sgt. Jeff Turney. A man who backs up his words...
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Video Of The Maria & Chad Show Interviewing Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley has 3 Grammys and a long list of hit country songs. BUT HE'S ALSO REALLY FUNNY! The Maria and Chad Show talk to him about two TV Shows Brad's got coming out soon! Also the craziest thing that Brad has seen while playing a concert, what it's like to work with Peyton Manning, and if what...
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The Maria & Chad Show Interview BK from Florida Georgia Line

We are SO EXCITED that Florida Georgia Line is in town tonight! Brian Kelley from FGL was kind enough to wake up SUPER early to talk to us! KMLE Country played their new song Blessings that they are shooting a music video for here in the Valley tonight! If you are at the show you could be in it! We...
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The Maria and Chad Show Interview William Shuttleworth

Meet William Shuttleworth. He's a A 71-year-old U.S. Air Force Veteran. Also, he's a special guy with a big heart! He walked across the entire country in 109 days to raise awareness for Veterans in need. He's beyond amazing! He's accomplished some major things in his lifetime and he says, "he's not...
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The Maria and Chad Show Interview Maren Morris

Why does Maren's husband have more shoes than her? What country superstar calls her Marvin? And if she auditioning for The Voice, which artist would she cover?
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