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The Maria and Chad Show Interview William Shuttleworth

Meet William Shuttleworth. He's a A 71-year-old U.S. Air Force Veteran. Also, he's a special guy with a big heart! He walked across the entire country in 109 days to raise awareness for Veterans in need. He's beyond amazing! He's accomplished some major things in his lifetime and he says, "he's not...
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Maria and Chad's Slow and Tell 9/6

Maria and Chad's Slow and Tell is a fun thing we like to do. We slow down a clip from the show to make it sound like we're slurring and we've had "too many!" This week Maria confessed that she went skinny dipping with her husband in a friend's pool. Enjoy and have a great weekend!
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Jimbo's Voodoo House

Today on The Maria and Chad Show our listener Jimbo in Peoria told a story that you have to hear to believe!!! We were talking about weird things that you've seen in a house you were visiting and he surprised us from there!
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Weird Encounters Buying Stuff

Turns out almost everyone has had a weird encounter buying something off of Craig's List, FB Market place... etc. Chad met a guy in a church parking lot to get an AZ Cardinals parking pass. His friend was selling a bed that the person buying it wanted to lay down in it. And the stories poured in...
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Skinny Dipping In a Pool That's Not Yours

Maria shared that she and her husband skinny dipped in a pool. The kicker is that it wasn't their pool. It was the pool of someone they were house sitting for. What do you think? Is it okay to get bucknaked... or was Maria wrong for doing it? We got some great calls that were really funny! Thanks...
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Are you a Mom planning a vacation by yourself? A Mom-cation?

Mommy burn out is a real thing. On average moms spend 98 hours a week "MOM-ING SO HARD!" Are you in favor of a "mom-cation" just by yourself? Have you taken a mom-cation before? We had a great conversation about it today on The Maria and Chad Show with our listeners. Listen to our podcast below.
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Maria and Chad's The Last Word 8/21

Maria and Chad go back and forth on random topics to see who can think the quickest until time runs out. Producer JP always gives them a curve ball at the end and makes things even tougher. How quick can you think? Listen to the audio and find out how good you are on this week's "The Last Word."
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Maria and Chad's Get The Fake Out 8/20

We give you 3 headlines and you have to guess which one is fake! 1) A man did karaoke so hard his lung collapsed. 2) An owner got their dog back from the groomer with green eyebrows and pink ears. 3) China's new most imported item is cans of fresh air. Can you guess right? Listen to the audio and...
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Maria & Chad with LOCASH

The Maria & Chad Show Interview LOCASH

Chris and Preston from LOCASH are ALWAYS a great interview!!! We appreciate them taking the time to talk to The Maria and Chad Show! They rocked their latest performance at Ak-Chin Pavilion!
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Maria  Chad with Chris Janson

The Maria & Chad Show Interview with Chris Janson

Chris Janson is as so grounded and down to earth! Chris talks about what he wanted to be when he was a kid, his UFC aspirations, and the food that he's treating his crew to because he's in Arizona!
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