6 Completely Insane Hot Dogs You Can Eat at Baseball Stadiums Across America

Baseball is a beloved national pastime that hasn't changed in over a hundred years. But the snacks ? Let's just say no one's jumping for that bag of peanuts. In honor of National Hot Dog Day, we've put together some of the most insane hot dogs at MLB stadiums all over the country. Yeah, they're...
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Does Chris Lane Kiss on the First Date? [VIDEO]

Video of Does Chris Lane Kiss on the First Date? Chris Lane was in town to perform with Brad Paisley and Riley Green... but before he took the stage, he took some swings with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also took some time to talk with Jared Marshall about his new song answering some questions all...
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Dbacks quiz

Arizona Diamondbacks Quiz

Dbacks Opening Day Quiz
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