Arizona Cardinals

Tailgate Tongue Twisters

Our producer JP asked Arizona Cardinals fans if they could say Irish Wristwatch 5 times fast. It's not easy... in fact it's damn near impossible. Could they do it? Listen to our podcast from the Maria and Chad Show and find out!
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Larry Fitzgerald Shows Off His Great Hands

Larry Fitzgerald catches EVERYTHING! He's amazing with his hands on the field. But The Maria and Chad Show want to know if he is great with his hands off the field too! Larry was a great sport! We blind folded him and asked him to use his hands to guess what he is touching. How good did he do? Good...
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FAQs About Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

Cardinals Training Camp is upon us! New faces, old faces, and lots of fun to be had! Where do you park? Where do you enter? All those details and more are here:
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