Gunner and Cheyenne on Demand

Gunner and Cheyenne On Demand

Catch up with Gunner and Cheyenne, Mornings on KMLE Country 107.9. Miss
Cheyenne's Dad jokes? How about Gunner's "I Love You Man?" Join in on the fun
from the show and hear what didn't make it to the air with the Official After
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Gunner and Cheyenne on Demand

"Blown Off" Shelby & Austin

Shelby was told by Austin to leave him alone and never call him again. What did she do on the first date that was so bad? Gunner & Cheyenne get to the...
Gunner and Cheyenne on Demand

I Love You Man: Bookstores

Gunner has some tricks up his sleeve in today's "I Love You Man." He's calling bookstores asking for weird titles for books that don't exist. Will he get an I...
Gunner and Cheyenne on Demand

"Blown Off" Todd & Michelle

Todd and Michelle went on a date. Todd said it went great but now she's blowing him off. Something was mentioned of "meeting the parents on the first date." Is...