Mon-Fri 5:30a-10:00a

Radio is more than a passion for me, it has been my life for 20 years.  The relationship I have with the listeners, and the artists drives me to keep entertaining them every time I get behind the microphone.  The are no more passionate fans, than the KMLE nation, and I hope to share my life with them each and every morning on the radio.  My wife and child, are my biggest fans, and I love relating our story to our amazing listeners.

I grew up in the midwest playing sports, and djing parties.  I'm interested in everything from riding my dirt bike through trails, to having a cold beer with friends poolside.  I'd like to consider myself a guys guy, and pride myself on being a family man.  The perfect day for me would be hiking Camelback until my legs give out, then making my way to the local brewery and kicking back some frosty beverages with the locals.  

Above all, I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC.  You can always catch me in the studio doing some karaoke to the latest hits.  I also love it when a listener reaches out to me, and let's me know about their hidden gems in the valley.  I already have a passion for the Arizona culture, and I can't wait to experience more!​