Here Are All 50 States, Ranked From Best Drivers To Worst Drivers

This is the most thorough attempt we’ve ever seen to rank the 50 states by driving ability. So let’s
get ready to JUDGE…
All 50 states got ranked by fatalities per million miles driven, number of tickets, drunk driving rates,
and careless driving rates. Then the ranks in those categories were averaged out.

And the state with the WORST drivers in the country is . . . Louisiana.

Louisiana has the second-highest fatality rate, only behind Montana . . . and the fourth worst
careless driving rate. It’s also in the top ten in tickets and drunk driving.

The rest of the ten worst driving states are: Missouri, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona,
Kentucky, Alabama, Montana, and Nevada.

On the other end, the people of Rhode Island came out as the best drivers in the country.

The rest of the top ten driving states are: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Hampshire,
Oregon, Maine, Illinois, Nebraska, and Ohio.

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