Aaron Watson at Denim and Diamonds

Aaron Watson

Denim & Diamonds

Denim & Diamonds Mesa
7336 E. Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85207
United States

Event Description:

Aaron Watson at Denim & Diamonds - Live at Denim & Diamonds in Mesa, Arizona
Half price drinks from 6pm - 8pm

  • Valid ID required
  • Tickets $20 in advance - $25 at the Door

Aaron Watson isn’t interested in what someone else thinks he should do. But instead of getting lonely as he sidesteps expectations, he’s gaining followers––hundreds of thousands of them. Delivered with a warm smile and fueled by a wild spirit, Watson’s rebellion echoes the land that helped make him.

Watson remains strikingly similar to the people that still dot his native West Texas. They’re a rugged people, proud of home but humble and hardworking, the first to help a neighbor but also fiercely independent. And Watson is unquestionably one of them. “I’ve always considered myself an anti-rock star,” Watson says, his drawl cracking slightly as he grins. “People don’t like me because I’m a rock star. People like me because I’m just like them.”

Throughout his 17-year career that spans a dozen albums and more than 2,500 shows throughout the U.S. and Europe, 39-year-old Watson has stubbornly and sincerely identified with the everyman––even as he’s proven to be the exception to the rule.