Keith Urban Offered to Jump Out of George Strait’s Birthday Cake, George Declined

His new birthday service started with Loretta Lynn

April 11, 2019

Keith Urban has made a name for himself as one of the biggest artists in country music. Despite his longstanding career as a musician, he’s looking to take his talents to a new venture: jumping out of cakes.

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After Loretta Lynn explained one of just two wishes for her 87th birthday was to have Keith Jump out of her cake, Keith soon made it happen. At her larger-than-life birthday celebration, Keith granted her wish while the audience sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

Since his first surprise was so successful, he’s looking to do it again. Keith had a conversation with country icon George Strait backstage at Loretta’s big celebration while he was preparing for the incredible moment.

"He said, 'I can't believe you're jumping out of a cake!'" Keith recalled in a recent interview. Keith then offered to do the same for the currently 66-year-old George’s 87th birthday. 

Although still 21 years away, George has already declined the offer, and joked he would prefer to have "I Hope You Dance" singer Lee Ann Womack do it. Ouch, sorry Keith! Competition for the jumping out of cakes business is apparently stiff.