Baby Gender Reveal

My Baby's Gender Results and My Great Grandma's Death

June 12, 2019

Hello! I'm not sure how to start, let's see. This Saturday June 15, 2019 I will be 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby!

And I have been getting a lot of questions on what the baby is. My boyfriend and I have been thinking of the perfect way to answer that and we finally found how we wanted to share the news. 

Last Wednesday June 5th, my dad called me at about 9:30 a.m. with the words "I have some bad news, your Nana Mary passed away last night in her sleep."

I was in complete shock, even though she was 98 years-old, I just always felt she had more time. 

This would have been her first great, great grandchild and one of the first things that came to mind when I found out I was pregnant, was "I'm happy she'll meet my first child."

Unfortunately, she was four months shy of that. 

Now in those moments my dad told me she had passed my dream from that same night/morning vividly came rushing my memory- she was in it. 

The dream started off with a family gathering outside, when the power went out. My family stayed outside trying to get it back on, but I saw the power was still on inside, I walked in and sat down with my great grandmother and she says to me "You didn't tell me about the baby." 

I'm looking at her confused and asking what she means "I told you I was having a baby Nana." She then responded with "I won't be here for the baby."

And that's where my dream gets a little foggy, but that coming back to me right after the news of her passing was just a flood of emotions I can't really put into words. But I do believe her spirit came to me and I find comfort in that. It's a reminder there is more after this life. 

Now how does this relate to my baby's gender?

Me and my boyfriend decided that we weren't going to find out the gender and save that for birth. We want to cherish the gender of our baby the first time we meet. 

But my thoughts on the dream, that the power going out was her passing and her telling me I didn't tell her about the baby, was really her asking me what the baby was because maybe she thought "I didn't tell her."

In this envelope, contains the results and the answer, but we won't be opening it. We will be putting it in her casket and sending it with her to heaven. 

So there you have it, we won't be finding out the baby's gender and we are so excited to finally share the news with you!

- Serina