Juggling Motherhood And Working

February 17, 2020

Motherhood, something I knew I always wanted, I just never knew when I wanted it. I’ve always juggled 2-3 jobs, school and just life, so how could I possibly fit a baby into all of that.

Even while I was pregnant, I was working three jobs up until I was 32-weeks pregnant plus finishing up my last year at ASU, my days were long up until the day I gave birth to him, but those were always my days, that was my normal. Go to one job, then to the next, go to school, do homework and do it all over again.

            Now February of 2020, I am a college graduate, a mother and still juggling two jobs, trying to figure out this new “normal.”

Serina Perez

            There are days I find myself overwhelmed because I’m still this career-driven person, who wants to continue pursuing my passions and my dreams. But on the other hand, I don’t want to compromise my time being a mother.  

            It’s still a balance I’m trying to figure out because having both a family and a career are important to me.

            There is so much pressure on being a mom and how to be a mom. “Am I doing enough? “, “Am I doing too much?” “What am I doing?” All questions I find myself asking.

            The hardest part about being a mom, is being a working mom. There’s always a sense of guilt if I’m not doing enough as mom or I’m not doing enough for myself.

Serina Perez

            I guess I wanted to share this, just incase you are feeling the same way, because us moms are doing just fine. I’m a GREAT mom, and so are YOU. Keep going mom, you got this, we got this.