My Birth Story: It's A Boy!

October 15, 2019

I had this all planned out, I was going to share my birth story at exactly 9:24 am, the time Cordova was born.  But between a fussy baby, dirty diapers and trying to breastfeed will I ever be on time for anything again? Lol

                  You’ve been apart of the journey with me, from the birth announcement, my great grandmother’s passing and the baby’s gender, along with me sharing when I went into labor, so I didn’t want to leave you out from my whole labor experience.

                  First thank you for all the  kind words and well wished for a healthy baby and labor I read each one!

                  So last Monday I had a doctor’s apt. where I was told I was ½ a cm dilated and they wanted to induce me either the 12th or the 13th.

                  After me and my boyfriend discussing it, we felt it would be best to get induced. I felt a little sad because I didn’t want to rush the baby, I wanted the baby to choose when he or she was ready.

                  I had already been feeling a lot of pressure and felt just exhausted and started all that Friday before, but with getting induced by the weekend I went into work and asked if I can start my leave because I just didn’t feel ready for the baby.

                  I’m in my final semester at ASU for my sports broadcasting degree and that evening I went to Ability 360 to film a story about youth wheelchair basketball. I had been filming for about an hour and had just stood up and took about 10 steps to my boyfriend when water starting coming down my legs (of course I would wear a dress this day). I immediately, probably frantically started asking my boyfriend, “did my water just break, did my water just break?!”

                  But then it stopped, which then made me think omg, how embarrassing I just peed myself! Lol but when I went to the bathroom it didn’t seem like that, but I was still confused because shouldn’t I have more water coming out?

                  My boyfriend started packing all my filming equipment and to give us a good laugh I was still trying to finish up my interviews for my story because what if this was just a false alarm and I have a deadline to meet!

                  For obvious reasons the coach told me to go to the hospital lol so we headed home because me being me, well I didn’t have my hospital bag packed yet! At this point I had more water leakage, which I still was in denial of maybe I just have a weak bladder at the moment.

                  We arrived to the hospital about 9:30 pm and when I got out the car, there it was, the gushing my water breaking just like you see in the movies and yet I still was unsure. My boyfriend on the other was “Babe, your water broke, the baby is coming.”

                  After confirming my water had broke and no I did not just keep having embarrassing accidents lol I was admitted at about 10 pm. However, I hadn’t started labor yet so they would start me on Pitocin.

                  I wasn’t feeling any pain until maybe 12:30 am but I had decided to wait on getting the epidural, it wasn’t too bad yet. My mom, brother and grandma had already arrived to the hospital but decided to let me get some sleep. But that never happened because by 3:30 am the contractions had really kicked in to the point every time one hit, it would tense up my entire body. It was terrible! How women can go without the epidural I just don’t understand, but I respect you!

                  4:30 am the epidural was done and I was now at 4 cm. I was finally feeling relaxed and again, would try to get some sleep, but at 5 am just 30 min later two nurses would rush in because the baby was “being sassy,” they said. And the baby had a good reason, because now, just 30 min after the epidural I was at 9 cm! In disbelief I asked, “wait, did you say nine?”

                  “Yup, that’s what she said,” said the other nurse.

                  Now it became a waiting game, and Paul’s family along with my dad would start arriving to the hospital. Now not much happened the next four hours, but around 9:15 am I was ready to push.

                  Beside me and Paul were our mothers, his sister and my grandmother in the room. And with each push (3 big pushes) I had my eyes closed but on the final one I could hear the room gasp and awe the baby’s head was now crowning, and I just lost it and burst out into tears. I couldn’t believe it, I was finally going to meet my baby, the one I have carried the last 38 weeks and felt every kick, punch and hiccup, the moment was finally coming I’d be able to hold my sweet baby in my arms.

                  The nurse had me stop pushing to wait for the doctor and I could feel all the pressure that just one more push and my baby would be here, my boyfriend crying with me we just couldn’t believe here it was, what we’ve been preparing for.

                  And at 9:24 am, my boyfriend would yell “it’s a boy!”

My sweet, sweet baby boy Paul Cordova Hinojos Jr. was born at 7lbs 3oz and 19 ½ inches long. And this past week Ihave been in complete awe of every cry, smile and even the dirty diapers of how perfect this little human is.

                  Happy one week to my baby, thank you for choosing me.

                  And a question I keep getting is how does it feel, and honestly it feels no different, it just feels natural, like I was always meant to be his mama.

                  Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!