Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins celebrate eight years of marriage

"I wouldn’t trade one minute of it, even the hard parts."

October 12, 2020

Congratulations to Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins, who celebrate eight years of marriage today!

"It’s been a long time comin’ for sure," reflects Thomas in a statement from his label. "I mean, me and Lauren have definitely been to school together since we were in first grade, but didn’t really know each other really well ‘til church camp about sixth grade. And I fell in love with her that day." 

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"I was like, there is not a prettier human being that exists in this world and I was like, ‘I will figure out a way to marry this woman one day,’" continues Thomas, who chronicled his courtship and marriage to Lauren in his song, "Life Changes." "And we dated for a little bit in high school and then broke up for a very long time and got back together when we were about 21 years old." 

"And now we’re about to celebrate eight years of marriage, so it’s been a pretty wild journey with her, but [I> wouldn’t trade one minute of it, even the hard parts. When you find your soulmate, you just kinda do anything you can to stick to it, and for me to just be the best husband I can be."

Happy 8 year anniversary @laur_akins I seriously feel like we got married 6 months ago-- I have loved every second of our journey together. No matter how tough it has been at times you are a fighter and I thank you and the Lord every day that you wake up and choose love. You are my rock, my inspiration and the woman that simply just makes life better. I can’t wait to relax with you, take naps with you and crush Netflix with you today! I love you so much honey! Also, I love your shoe choice in the photo haha

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