Thomas Rhett Goes Inside 'Center Point Road' Inspirations and the Next Possible "Old Town Road"

A look at his fourth album and upcoming tour

May 31, 2019

"I pull inspiration from everywhere, man."

You can hear it in every corner of Center Point Road, the fourth album from Thomas Rhett. In the exclusive interview above, Rhett tells us about all the influence that spilled into the personal new project, and how he has managed to make it his own.

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"If you look at what I'm listening to on a daily basis, it's everything from Tom Petty to The Chainsmokers to Aretha Franklin to The 1975" Rhett details. "Honestly anything I'm listening to, I'm very inspired by. So when I get into the writing room to try to write a song, I'm usually pulling from what I've been listening to for the past couple weeks and a lot of the time it's kind of all over the place."

"I've definitely experimented with a lot of electronic sounds and more progressive production, but somehow man, growing up I guess as the son of a Country artist and growing up in the country it all just kind of bleeds out naturally as my own Thomas Rhett brand of Country music" smiles the "Look What God Gave Her" singer. "It's been really cool to kind of get to put my own stamp on it."

When it comes to songs you might hear on a daily basis, it's tough to beat "Old Town Road" these days. The Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus smash has been number one for 8 weeks and has become the most inescapable song of 2019. Has that inspired Thomas Rhett too?

"We play 'Old Town Road' right before our show starts, so yeah, I've been a huge fan of that song" explains Rhett. "For me, if I could team up with Chance The Rapper, or J. Cole, or Drake, and create the next 'Old Town Road' I think that'd be pretty awesome."

Can we make that happen now? Please.

For more on the making of Center Point Road and Rhett's upcoming VHS Tour, watch the full interview above. Center Point Road is now available everywhere.