We Took Randy Houser to Magnolia Bakery to Talk Sweets, Spirits, and Storytelling

Houser shares the inspiration behind 'Magnolia', and what whiskey really does

January 18, 2019

"I've been baking this album up for quite a while" laughs Randy Houser as he sits in the world famous Magnolia Bakery.

In the exclusive interview above, Houser shows us the ingredients inside his new, personal and raw LP Magnolia.

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Soaked in memories of his youth and his home state of Mississippi, Houser delivers a soulful, classic country album filled with wallowing barroom ballads, tales of love and loss, and that thick, skyscaper-sized voice that roars through every moving moment. Randy tells us about the memories and family connections that influenced his writing, but also about the bold way in which it was assembled that makes Magnolia sparkle and sets it apart.   

"It's sort of a huge departure from a lot of what's been the chic thing, and the trendy way to make records right now" explains Houser. "There's a lot of people that are programming a lot of the instruments, and you hear a lot of snap tracks and all those things that are more sort of like hip hop music and pop. Some of it's just bad pop."

As country music continues to branch out and experiment with genre-bending and studio sleekness, Houser has come along and taken it back to basics in an effort to serve the songs. It works, as Magnolia gives off an intimate and familiar feel. "I really wanted to make something that was real people playing instruments, and just do something that I'm passionate about, which is playing my guitar."  

Houser is quite good at the guitar, but it's that voice that he uncages that is his true instrument. On Magnolia he bellows and soars, coming down just long enough for you to feel those emotional moments that he wrings out of songs.

In the bakery we turn our attention from sweets to spirits, as Houser helps explain the good and bad of "What Whiskey Does." On his single, the singer wonders what will happen once the whiskey takes over, so he talks us through the positives and negatives. "Well I'm not sure about the positives" he laughs.

Check out the full interview above for more from Randy Houser on Magnolia and "What Whiskey Does", and be sure to stay till the end for our favorite moment of the day. Magnolia is now available everywhere.