175 THOUSAND Dollars In Cash Is Lying On The Side Of The Road W.W.Y.D?

It Might Be Tempting...But It's A Felony To Take The Money

July 11, 2019

I'll be honest. I used to live in Atlanta and know exactly where this happened. If I saw it "raining" cash on the highway, I'd be tempted. REAL TEMPED. Credit card debit. Bills... you know the deal. A BIG part of me would want to turn into Vin Diesl in a Fast and Furious movie. I'd hit the emergency brake and drift over to the side of the road and go nuts picking up someone else's mistake. But not only is it not the right thing to do, it's a felony. 

The fun police(pun intended) had this statement below.

It's cool to fantasize about... BUT people are coming forward and returning the money. So, that's noble. Slow building clap for you!