Watch Cole Swindell Perform "Love You Too Late" on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Check out the country singer's new 'All Of It' single below!

December 11, 2018

Cole Swindell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night (December 10). The country singer performed his latest single, "Love You Too Late." 

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Swindell co-wrote "Love You Too Late" alongside Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney. The track is featured on the 35-year-old's third studio album, All Of It

"While I'm dying here tonight / staring goodbye in the face / saying I love you too late."

In our exclusive interview below, Swindell opens up on everything you need to know about his new tunes. We hear all about the inspiration behind All Of It and much more. 

Click here to watch Cole Swindell's "Love You Too Late" music video.