Mitchell Tenpenny Notches First No. 1 Single With "Drunk Me"

The country singer's debut album drops December 14th!

December 13, 2018

Mitchell Tenpenny is one of the biggest breakout stars in the country genre for 2018. The singer-songwriter is now celebrating his first No. 1 with his debut single, "Drunk Me."

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Tenpenny co-wrote the Gold-certified track alongside Jordan M. Schmidt and Justin Wilson. The radio hit will be featured on his first studio album, Telling All My Secrets, which drops tomorrow (December 14).

"I recorded 'Drunk Me' after pitching it to other artists in town for over six months,” remarks Tenpenny. “I believed in my heart it was such a special song and that it would be a hit for someone. I never dreamt it would be the song labels first heard from me, resulting in a record deal ... or that it would go on to bring us our first single, yet alone a number one.” He continues, “It's been a two-year journey with this song, yet so many believed, and so, this is one of those moments we all share together - my co-writers, our band and record label, country radio and all the fans that have streamed it over 120 million times. I can't get over you. You've changed my life." 

Tenpenny's Telling All My Secrets includes his previously released songs "Truck I Drove In High School," "Alcohol You Later," and "Walk Like Him." He is currently out on the road through February for his Telling All My Secrets Album Release Tour.

Watch Mitchell Tenpenny's official music video for "Drunk Me" below.