The KMLE Country Thunder Awards!

April 11, 2018

Country Thunder has come and gone, but KMLE Nation we spent Four Days out at Country Thunder and we saw some pretty cool stuff, but some people went above and beyond and we think we might have to give out an few awards! 

To start of the #KMLECTAWARDS We have Camp Designated Drinkers winning for Best Drinking Game of BEER DARTS! Talk about an intense game, we had so much fun playing with you and thank you for teaching us. 

Thanks for teaching us how to play Beer Darts Camp Designated Drinkers! #KMLECT

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The next award goes to Camp HootyWhoo for Best Jello-O shots! We had a blast judging this Jell-O Shot competition we enjoyed all eleven! 

Thank you Camp HootyWhoo for hosting such an incredible Jell-O Shot competition! #KMLECT

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We'd like to give an award to Lauren Alaina for Best Vocal Coach. We're sure teaching our Nina a vocal scale might not have been easy, but Lauren was encouraging. 

Best Cornhole player that is an Artist goes to Morgan Wallen for his incredible game that he played with Jared!

Cornhole with @morgancwallen today was a blast! #KMLECT

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Most Affectionate Artist goes to Cole Swindell! In this game of "What Would He Say" Cole Swindell Pulled on Luke Bryan's heart strings a little bit. 

Now we saw a lot, but I think one of the most interesting things we saw leads us to this award of Best Fake Mustache and I think it's fair we give it to our very own Niko from The Breakfast Buzz!

Now it was Country Thunder and so we saw so many Cowboys and Cowgirls out there, but cutest Cowboy goes to this little guy with our friends of Runaway June!

Now we saw a lot of our friends, but most energetic I think we can agree would go to our friends Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy during this interview with Niko and Nina.

With this next award we technically didn't give out Jason Aldean did, but Ugliest Face goes to our very own Nina D in her competition against Niko! 

Most likely to steal your booze is going to go to our friends that sail through Country Thunder every year, The Pirate Ship!

Our last award is Most loyal listeners and of course that goes to our good friends in the KMLE Nation. We loved stumbling upon this campsite. 

#TBT in the best way!! Thanks for always being part of the KMLE FAMILY!! #KMLECT @countrythunder

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With that we conclude this year's KMLE Country Thunder Awards! We might have missed some things though, so share with us your favorite Country Thunder moments and we might have some more awards to give out!