Gunner and Cheyenne Daily Show Replay 7/6

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July 6, 2020
Gunner and Cheyenne

Monday, July 6th

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(5:58) Will the guys or the ladies be victorous on "One Big Trivia Game?"

(10:10) Will there be fall out for the local fitness owner not following guidelines? 

(12:30) There's an aggressive Karen in Scottsdale?

(18:30) Describe your weekend in THREE WORDS.

(21:00) A brand new "I Love You Man" where Gunner calls a couple of lumber yards.

(29:45) Is the dog saying "No I won't be miserable?"

(34:10) What are you favorite country songs that have Arizona or an Arizona city in them? 

(42:00) Masterpiece theatre. What Movie are we acting out?

(47:00) Who's a better driver mommy or daddy? 

(51:26) Gunner's I Love You Man Gunner calls a cab company looking for a lost hotdog.

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