Gunner and Cheyenne Daily Show Podcast 6/24

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June 24, 2020
Gunner and Cheyenne

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Wednesday, June 24th

(3:01) A quick idea for a Drive Thru that involves masks

(4:38) One Big Trivia Game. Can Cheyenne win even though she's in a completely different state?

(8:00) Baseball is back and Luke Combs has new music that we LOVE! Cheyenne will tell you what's going on in The Buzz.

(11:20) Producer JP's Birthday Song of the Week made for Gunner's daughter Kaelyn. Hope she likes it and you do too!

(16:00) What have you bought that you were excited about only come to find out it was a MAJOR bummer?

(19:22) Gunner's I Love You Man: Oh man! This could be the funniest one yet. Carol Baskin and Tiger King are the inspiration behind today's call. 

(27:00) Riley Green has some new music out and it's awesome! Cheyenne wil play it for you in The Buzz!

(35:00) What is your favorite one hit wonder country song? 

(46:10) Masterpiece Theatre: Can you guess what movie we are acting out?

(50:52) We had the opportunity to talk to new Arizona Coyotes CEO Xavier Gutierrez! He's excited for hockey to start back up as are we. He's got a lot of energy and is excited about the future! 

(55:48) Gunner's I Love You Man: He's a bad dancer and calls stores asking if they sell two left shoes.