Gunner and Cheyenne Daily Show Podcast 6/22

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June 22, 2020
Gunner and Cheyenne

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Monday, June 22nd

 (5:29) What's the correct way to make a peanut butter sandwich? 

 (7:52) One Big Trivia Game: Will Team Cheyenne or Team Gunner be victorious today? Play Along!

(12:52) Hear Jake Owen and his daughter sing an adorable duet in The Buzz w/ Cheyenne. 

(23:20) Gunner's I Love You Man: He calls a Tire shop asking why the spare tire is called a donut. 

(25:24) What Is Your Gripe?

(34:50) What advice you got for new families trying to have kids? Producer JP and his wife Heidi are looking for tips and suggestions.

(45:44) Masterpiece Theatre Can you guess what movie we are acting out?

(49:54) Scotty McCreery

(55:36) I Love You Man: Can you engrave a beer can for my dad?