Gunner and Cheyenne Daily Show Podcast 6/19

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June 19, 2020
Gunner and Cheyenne

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Friday, June 19th

(0:01) Since Father's Day is Sunday Cheyenne starts out the show with A HEATER of a Dad Joke!

(6:50) Find out where you can get a bouquet of bacon

(9:15) One Big Trivia Game. It's the battle of who reigns supreme in the city of Mesa today.

(16:45) Cheyenne's Dad Joke of the Hour AND JP's Father's Day Song made especially for the KMLE Nation dads!

(20:20) It's monsoon season. What is your advice for newbies in The Valley?

(25:10) Gunner's I Love You Man: Will shops engrave the top of a beer can or barrell of a shotgun?

(30:30) What cities are masks mandatory? Cheyenne will tell you in The Buzz!

(36:40) We talked to Brett Eldredge on FB Live. What is he up to on Father's Day? 

(38:20) What are the best country songs about dad?

(49:30) We talk to Gabby Barrett! She's got new music "Goldmine" out everywhere today including her #1 song I Hope!

(56:18) Gunner's I Love You Man! He calls a Fed Ex store saying I Love you Man! Will they say it back?

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