Gabe sits down with Cody Johnson!

"This is all one-hundred percent me"

October 29, 2019

Before taking the stage at Mesa Ampitheatre, Cody Johnson sat down with us to fill us in on how he stays true to himself in the industry, and if he really thinks a hot dog is a sandwich. Following his "Cody Johnson & Friends" tour in 2019, he will head out on tour in 2020 with Miranda Lambert. For more, checkout:

FULL CLIP ON IGTV _ IS A HOTDOG A SANDWICH?! - Big thank you to @codyjohnson for sitting down with us before his show...... and answering “questions you would never get asked in an interview”--. Be sure to head to for the full interview! #codyjohnson #mesaampitheatre #cojonation _

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