Country Thunder Thursday Recap

Diving into Country Thunder 2018

Lauren Alaina's Life Advice and The Truth Behind Cole Swindell's Music

April 5, 2018

Country Thunder is here Cowboys and Cowgirls and my oh my, do we still have so much to see! 

Campground explorations began this morning and we are on the search for the best ones! this morning we found a pirate ship, a twist on a classic game which is no known as "Drinko", a slip and slide, and even a bounce castle! Wow there is so much going on out here for literally any age! 

Of course Country Thunder is all about the experience, but it is also all about the music. Day one of #KMLECT was opened up by A Boy Named Sioux taking the mainstage and our KMLE Casino!

 Following him was Bryan White and Adam Sanders and then we had Lauren Alaina take the mainstage! Before she did though,The Breakfast Buzz, Nina and Niko, sat with the ACM Wnner for Best New Female Vocalist of the Year this evening and we learned quite a few tricks. Singing Tricks that is! That's right Lauren Alaina gave our Breakfast Buzz a few singing lessons that we hope will one day turn into a Karaoke night. We hope it happens KMLE Nation! We also got incredible life advice from her. Lauren wants our KMLE Nation to take a minute and remember who you are, but also never get down on yourself. The singer said "Don't ever say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to another person."

CONGRATS TO OUR GIRL @laurenalaina ON HER @acmawards!!! We love you!! @countrythunder @thebreakfastbuzz @ninadonline @nikoontheair

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Now it's Country Thunder and we all know that there's always so many things happening all at once! Right after our special interview with Lauren Alaina at the KMLE Casino we got a personal performance by Drew Cooper! 

It's Country Thunder so you already know right after this performance we had to run to find Cole Swindell! Now this isn't Cole's first Country Thunder and we all know how down to earth he is, but we got to ask him a very important question. Cole is not new to our mainstage, but we got to ask him how he feels about his set he's going to perform on the mainstage for Day One of #KMLECT.

Thank you @coleswindell for hangin out with us last night and giving us a great Night One of #KMLECT!

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He told  us, "There's somebody out there going through a break up, somebody out there has lost somebody, for me to be able to sing about the fun to the sad, it's just songs that help people get through tough times. I'm able to do this now with my longer headliner sets that allows me to connect with the audience on a deeper connection."

After the Interview Cole hit the main stage and then that was a wrap on #KMLECT DAY ONE!

Cole Swindell Country Thunder 2018