Tips on Spending Wisely This Holiday Shopping Season

November 19, 2018

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, here are some ways to save money and patience this holiday season. 

Waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? No need a lot of the deals happening this weekend are already on.  


Research, Research, Research - 

You may be able to see a lot of the deals you saw last year, this year. Some retailers will repeat deals from year-to-year.  

Variety and shopping around are key - 

If you're looking for something expensive, and specific, like a TV, compare and shop around to make sure you are getting the very best deal. 

Loyalty - 

You know those loyalty programs they're always trying to get you to sign up for at stores?  It turns out you can get much more than just $.20 off a gallon of gas (which is a nice bonus).  Set-up a unique email address that you only give out to get store emails.  You can keep them organized and separate from your other emails, and still get exclusive offers.  

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, Oh My - 

Get the scoop on sales, incentives, and even secret shopping codes on social media.  

Budget - 

Ha!  That's the responsible thing to do.  Just be careful not to overspend. Enjoy the holidays spent with family and friends.