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Maria and Chad's Slow and Tell 7/19

Maria and Chad can say some funny and random things. It's Producer JP's job to take these random show clips and slow them down. Through the magic of radio it sounds like they are drunk. But they aren't. This week these two silly gooses were talking about hot dogs. Enjoy!​ Read More

Chad Makes Us Guess 7/18

Oh man... if you love Disney movies than today's episode is for you! Can you guess the best Disney songs of ALL TIME?!! Chad made Maria and Producer JP sing the songs as their answers. Oh wow did this turn out really funny! See if your guesses made the Top 10 and sing them out loud! It's fun!​ Read More

FAQs About Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

Cardinals Training Camp is upon us! New faces, old faces, and lots of fun to be had! Where do you park? Where do you enter? All those details and more are here: Read More

The Maria and Chad Show Take On The Git Up Challenge

Artist Blanco Brown's dance has gone viral and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Thank you Blanco Brown for your positivity and encouraging our silly dance moves! Watch The Maria and Chad Show w/ Producer JP take on The Git Up Challenge! Read More

Maria and Chad's Florida or Anywhere Else 7/17

Let's be honest. If you hear a story about someone getting arrested because they hit someone over the head with a bag of tortilla chips, you think it happened in Florida right? BUT this kind of stuff DOES happen other places sometimes. See if you can guess if it happened in "Florida or Anywhere... Read More

Maria and Chad's The Last Word 7/17

Producer JP gives Maria and Chad topics and they quickly answer back and forth. Whoever gets the last word in wins. It's fun to play along with too! Can you think quicker than Maria and Chad? Read More

Carrie Underwood Looking Like A Grandma on The FaceApp

Woah! Hey Grandma Underwood! Looks like she has a whole stash of butterscotch candies she's ready to put out when company comes over. Her reasoning for doing the FaceApp Challenge... "everyone's doing it." We like it Carrie and Mike! Everybody’s doing it...--‍♀️ @mfisher1212 A post shared by Carrie... Read More