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The Maria & Chad Show Interview BK from Florida Georgia Line

We are SO EXCITED that Florida Georgia Line is in town tonight! Brian Kelley from FGL was kind enough to wake up SUPER early to talk to us! KMLE Country played their new song Blessings that they are shooting a music video for here in the Valley tonight! If you are at the show you could be in it! We... Read More

Maria and Chad's 5 Things To Ask Your Kids

In a world of one word answers between parents and kids, there's got to be better ways to communicate. Chad has been trying something different lately with his daughter Georgia. He asks her what made you smile today? Turns out there's lots more of good ideas thanks to KMLE Nation who called in to... Read More

JP Reviews School Lunch From Hearn Academy

Oh my gosh! The staff and students at Hearn Academy are the nicest! They had Producer JP from The Maria and Chad Show out to review their school lunch. They even set a table for him and gave him a menu. How cute right? BUT how would JP's review be as a food critique? Give it a listen and see if... Read More

The Maria and Chad Show Interview William Shuttleworth

Meet William Shuttleworth. He's a A 71-year-old U.S. Air Force Veteran. Also, he's a special guy with a big heart! He walked across the entire country in 109 days to raise awareness for Veterans in need. He's beyond amazing! He's accomplished some major things in his lifetime and he says, "he's not... Read More