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Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins celebrate eight years of marriage

Congratulations to Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins, who celebrate eight years of marriage today! "It’s been a long time comin’ for sure," reflects Thomas in a statement from his label. "I mean, me and Lauren have definitely been to school together since we were in first grade, but didn’t... Read More

Join Brothers Osborne for the "Skeletons" album release party

Brothers Osborne are getting ready to release their third studio album, Skeletons, and you're invited to the big release party! This Friday (October 9), stream their one-of-a-kind virtual concert on YouTube at 5:00p MT/4:00p PT. John and TJ Osborne have already given listeners a taste of what's to... Read More
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Granger Smith Opens Up To Gunner & Cheyenne

Granger Smith has a new album out now Country Things Vol 1. Granger is a special guy who inspires people all the time. Granger opened up to Gunner & Cheyenne about a tragic event that affected his family forever. This is something that Granger doesn't normally do. We hope his words will you... Read More
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Gunner & Cheyenne's Sober October

Here's the link to join our team: If you are here and are willing to make the commitment with us to be sober in October for Breast Cancer Awareness, head to and find our sober October profile picture from. --- Go to your profile, click edit photo,... Read More
Is this the best way to get to school?

No Bus, Is This The Best Way to Get to School? [VIDEO]

With kids getting back to in person learning, what's the best way to get your kids to school? Not all districts offer busses when you live close to the school. Walking, biking, scooters... what's the best? Jared Marshall has an idea. Check out the video below. Read More
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Listen to the Gunner & Cheyenne After Show Podcast, Here!

Every weekday after the show, Gunner & Cheyenne, along with Producer JP, record what is basically another show. We call it the "After Show Podcast". We spent weeks, and thousands of dollars, coming up with the name of this podcast (kidding). In each podcast, we hit topics that we may have... Read More
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Gunner and Cheyenne After Show Podcast EP23

Wednesday, August 26th Happy National Dog Day! We start by talking about what's easier: potty training a dog or a child? If movie theatres open are you going? Dancing with the Stars are you in or out? NFL football fans or no fans? Read More
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Lauren Akins Talks to Gunner & Cheyenne About Her New Book

Lauren Akins. Some know her as the wife of Thomas Rhett. He calls her "his hero." We love Thomas and Lauren's love! If you follow Lauren Akins on Instagram you'll see why she's such a sweetheart. Gunner & Cheyenne talk to her about her new book that's out. It's called Live in Love that's... Read More
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Gunner and Cheyenne After Show Podcast EP22

Tuesday, August 25th Cheyenne is not a health professional, but knows a lot about the human body. Topics Discussed: How to lose weight based on your body. Gunner's cleanse continued. And hear Producer JP's random topics in his "Top 3 to Me" what was something dumb you did as a teenager? Read More