Why Brett Eldredge Ditched Social Media and Went Old School To Write New Music

<em>Sunday Drive</em> will arrive on July 10th

April 17, 2020

It’s been nearly three years since Brett Eldredge last released an album. He’s due to release his fifth studio album Sunday Drive on July 10th, something that’s been in the making for a while.

Eldredge was use to working at a fast pace releasing four albums between 2013-2017 before taking an uncharacteristically long time to get his fifth record in order. He continued to tour and perform shows during this time, but had taken a hiatus from recording new music.

Part of the reason? Social media.

“I had been on social media sharing every single thing from the moment I got up in the morning until I went to bed. It took a lot of my creative energy,” Eldredge told Rolling Stone.

He decided on New Year’s Day 2019 to make a change. Trading in his smartphone for a flip phone and arming himself with a Polaroid camera, Eldredge cut out his social media use to focus on getting his creativity back.

Using his time to travel the world, Eldredge would mail photos with handwritten captions to his manager to upload to his social media accounts.

As he got his creative juices flowing, Eldredge traveled to Chicago to begin recording Sunday Drive. Working alongside producers Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian, Eldredge took his analog approach to social media when making the album.

“I wanted to have that feeling of how we were making demos in Dan’s garage — where it was not a big space — and it made us have to play and play and play on top of each other. It’s like a form of communication. And when you’re right there, I was doing my vocals in the same room as the drums and everything,” he told CMT.

The results of this process can be heard in his new single “Gabrielle.” While the song isn’t about a person named Gabrielle, it does tell a real story of the bittersweet feelings after a break up and moving on in your life.

“It’s so unique and nostalgic, and it was something we felt was important to be the lead single. It says a lot about what this record is going to be,” he said.

Brett Eldredge’s new album Sunday Drive will be released on July 10th.

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