Where is Keith Urban's 'Safe Place?'

As the girls in his house say, 'the dog's a boy!'

October 13, 2020

Any of us that have been working from home has found that we have a whole new set of adjustments. Even the happiest of marriages need some alone time... Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's long and fairytale-like marriage is no exception. But with this family, that also includes daughters Sunday Rose (12) and Faith Margaret (9), Keith is the only male. Kidman, in an interview with Marie Claire Australia says, "we're definitely female-heavy! But as the girls say, 'the dog's a boy!'"

So, where does a Country superstar like Keith Urban go to escape? What does he do to just blow off some steam or to get some "man time?"

Nicole says, "at times, he just needs to escape with his guitar. Sometimes I’ll find him in his closet playing guitar. That’s when I know we really need to give him space." We're pretty sure that Keith Urban's closet isn't like mine and yours, but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

The actress, who has been working on the TV adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s Nine Perfect Strangers, says that "he googles cars. I’ll know when he’s stressed ’cause he’s googling cars. I couldn’t care less what car I’m driving; you can pick me up in any old thing. But Keith and Faith love cars."

Despite the need to decompress and take a break, the family is absolutely happy together. In fact, when the "One Too Many" singer hosted the 2020 ACM Awards in Nashville, he had to go into a two week quarantine when we returned back to Australia.

"We’ve never been away from each other this long before" Nicole said, "it’s hard, so we’re constantly on FaceTime. That’s our world now – and thank god for it. What would we have done without it?"

Back in September the family added one more family member. A rescue cat named, Louis. So, it looks like Keith finally has another male in the house.

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