Thomas Rhett Hits Home On Father's Day Collab with Dad Rhett Akins, 'Things Dads Do'

‘He'll make you mow the grass and do it for free’

June 26, 2020

The Akins family is keeping the Father’s Day festivities going with a touching collaboration.

Country star Thomas Rhett and his singer/songwriter father Rhett Akins have penned a song together detailing all the amazing "Things Dads Do” and now, just a few days past the holiday, Thomas has shared the track with his fans.

“I wrote this song with my dad, for my dad, and for all the dads out there,” Thomas Rhett said in an Instagram post. Adding, “I meant to post this song on Father's Day but I never got around to it. So, better late than never."

Among the lyrics that can go from silly to just plain tear-jerking are “He'll make you mow the grass and do it for free. You think you're done he'll say rake the leaves,” or “You'll get embarrassed when he ruins your cool. When he pulls out his camera on your first day of school...”

Thomas, who is a father himself of three daughters with wife Lauren Akins, brings it all home when he sings “the next thing you know, one's five and one's three and one's almost one and she's cutting her teeth, and you're in his shoes and you're starting to do more than a few things dads do.”

BRB, gotta make a phone call...

*I miss you, dad.

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