Over 40 Church Members Test Positive for COVID: 'We Knew What We Were Getting Into'

July 28, 2020

    More than 40 churchgoers have tested positive for coronavirus in small community in Alabama.

    The parishioners at Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church, located in Strawberry about 60 miles from Birmingham, contracted the virus during a week-long revival.

    Pastor Daryl Ross told Al.Com that most of the members, including himself and the guest evangelist, tested positive following the services.

    Ross says only two cases were serious and added that no one was hospitalized, though most members were “running fever and headaches and terrible respiratory (issues).”

    He detailed his symptoms as minimal with the loss of “smell or taste” and a little sinus pain.

    “We had church Wednesday night. We were in revival, morning and night services,” Ross told the outlet. “On the way back over Thursday is when we found out. I got a call that one of our guys in the church has tested positive. So, we shut down revival and, by Friday night, I’ve got church members sick everywhere.”

    The person believed to spread the virus to the congregation during the revival was asymptomatic, according to Ross, who said that he ate lunch with him and didn’t notice a “sniffle" or a "headache.”

    According to the publication, masks “weren’t required” at the service, and many members skipped the events because of the virus.

    “We let everybody do what they felt like,” Ross said of those that attended. “We social distanced. Most of them sat with their own family. If you were comfortable shaking hands, you shook hands. If you didn’t, you didn’t.”

    Despite the outbreak, Ross said that he has no regrets.

    “We knew what we were getting into,” Ross said. “We knew the possibilities. But, my goodness, man, for three days we had one of the old-time revivals. It was unbelievable. And everybody you ask, if you talk to our church members right now, they’d tell you we’d do it again. It was that good.”

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