Chris Janson Believes Latest Single 'Done' Will Be His Biggest Hit 

Catching up with the Country star backstage at RADIO.COM's 'Stars and Strings'

December 9, 2019


That’s the title of Chris Janson’s recent and most personal single inspired by his wife, Kelly Lynn.

The Country singer caught up with US99 and RADIO.COM backstage at Stars and Strings in Chicago on Sunday night and revealed the inspiration behind the song that he thinks is going to be his biggest single yet. Janson shared that it was actually his buddy who brought up the title after hearing him say it repeatedly.

“I hear you say ‘done and done’ all the time, right? And he kind of picked on me about it and stuff, and he said, ‘but you say it most when you’re talking about Kelly. ‘Done and done.’ You’re on the phone with her and just ‘done, got it,'” Janson said. 

The word "done" is so engrained in Janson’s vocabulary, it was even the first thing he said upon meeting his wife for the first time years ago. 

“That’s really what I said to my friend next to me at the time. This is years ago, 13 years ago, I was like ‘done and done, I’m going to marry that girl,’ so I’ve been saying it my whole life and he’s like we should write that, and so we did,” he admitted. 

The single, which is off of his recently-released album Real Friends, immediately began making waves in the Country community. Not only was it the most-added single at Country radio in its first week, but it was also described as “True Music Excellence” by Country Row.

“I’m really just so thankful to be a part of it because it’s my favorite song that I’ve ever written. And it’s my favorite song that I’ve ever been a part of, period,” Janson said adding that all the positive buzz makes him think it’s going to be his biggest single ever. 

According to Janson, there are a few aspects working in the song’s favor. For one, it’s “tailor-made for the radio,” but more importantly, he said the “song is honest, real and the video that goes along with it is real, and we’re a real couple and so when you’ve got all those factors contributing, it’s hard to lose.”

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