'After a Few,' Travis Denning Might Just Tell You Who Inspired His First Number One

The story behind this 'killer track'

June 10, 2020

Newcomer Travis Denning marks a major milestone this week, as his second single, "After a Few," becomes his very first number one. 

The Georgia native believes part of the song's appeal is that most people can relate to it.

"It's a story that I think everybody's lived," Travis tells ABC Audio. "There's always that person that at least once in somebody's life, whether it's several times or one or two times, you just get drawn back to this person and you know deep down, you shouldn't."

"But whether it's after a few drinks or it's after a few texts," he adds, "after a few little moments of conversation, it just wraps you right back up."

Travis also loves the "balance of the lyric being... a little kind of mad/sulky" against a "killer track."

"It's been great seeing people react to it," he observes.

He gets a little more tight-lipped, however, when you ask if he had someone specific in mind when he wrote the song. 

"Uh, we'll say one person, yeah - several different scenarios. Not several, but just a few scenarios in my life. Next question, actually," he jokes.

"No, I definitely had that," he admits. "I just think everybody has, you know, so I can relate to it specifically with one person... that comes to mind. And I think a lot of people can too. They think, 'Oh, that was Travis [for example], you know.'"

"Yeah, there's definitely someone I think of when I sing that song," he reveals.

If you wonder, Travis describes himself as "happily in a great relationship" now. 

"After a Few" is the lead single from his debut EPBeer's Better Cold.

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