Protestors Gather at AZ State Capitol to Make a Case for Reopening the Economy

April 20, 2020

    Protestors in Phoenix have gathered around the Arizona State Capitol for the second day in a row, attempting to make a case for reopening the economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The event on Monday, which was deemed "Patriot's Day Rally" on Facebook posts, drew hundreds of people to the Wesley Bolin Plaza. Sunday's protest brought in many as well, with people gathering from their vehicles and circling the Capitol building, holding signs and honking their horns, ABC15 reports.

    The group that organized the event through Facebook is called Operation Gridlock Arizona. The idea was to drive around downtown Phoenix, creating a "gridlock." The Facebook event encouraged people to remain in their cars. 

    Similar rallies have been taking place across the US, including in Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, and Nevada. 

    Protestors argue that people should be able to return to work after adhering to shelter-in-place recommendations at the state level. 

    Last week, President Donald Trump suggested that he had the general authority to force governors to relax social distancing guidelines on the state level. Then, on Thursday, President Trump clarified that he would indeed leave the decision up to state-level governments.