Watch Luke Bryan Give His Wife Kangaroos for Christmas

December 26, 2017
By Scott T. Sterling Luke Bryan may have won Christmas. The country star is notorious for doing the most, especially in the gift-giving department. Related: Luke Bryan Gifts Wife Massive Diamond Ring for 10th Wedding Anniversary Bryan took his gift-giving prowess to a whole other level by gracing his wife something for the woman who really does have everything: a pair of matching kangaroos. Bryan shared the amazing moment on Instagram with a video of the moment he delivered the baby kangaroo to his unknowing wife, Caroline. The lavish Christmas morning scene in the Bryan household looks plucked from a movie, with the pajama-clad country star joking that he got his wife two 'designers purses' as she sits blindfolded on a couch. The moment she opens the bag for the pair of surprisingly calm and exceedingly cute kangaroos to emerge is one not to be missed. Watch it below. There is a method to Bryan's madness: the animals are slated for Brett's Barn, a project launched by his wife in honor of Sadie Brett, a niece who passed away earlier in the year. Brett's Barn is populated with rescue animals, with plans to partner with local children's charities for visits.

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