Luke Bryan is Dreaming of a Chili Dog Christmas

December 22, 2017
By Scott T. Sterling Who needs boring old traditional holiday food like turkey and mashed potatoes when there are chili dogs to be had? That's the case for Luke Bryan and his mom, who choose to chow down on good ol' all-American chili dogs as an annual Christmas Eve tradition. Related: Luke Bryan Shares the Story Behind His Most Meaningful Christmas Gift "My mother and I, we kind of said, let's do chili dogs on Christmas Eve," Bryan explained to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night (Dec. 21). "She's turning it into an all-day event. It's always been, 'Luke it's 11, now we gotta go do our chili dog shopping, and she takes me to the grocery store and it's just her time to have with me." "She has this chili recipe that she spends so much time on it ... I think some of her cigarette ashes land in it," he added with a laugh. "Sorry, mama." Bryan goes on to detail how he and his mom assemble the chili dogs with a specific kind of bun and the very necessary sprinkling of oyster crackers. Watch the complete interview below.