Kane Brown Wants to Change Country Music Stereotypes

November 10, 2017
By Vicki Pepper Kane Brown knows he's not everyone's idea of a traditional country singer, and he'd like to change that. Related: Kane Brown Shares Nostalgic ‘What’s Mine is Yours’ Video "Being biracial and being in country music is actually kinda hard," he admits in a new interview with Nightline. "I get talked down on so much in country music because of my look and I just really want to change that." "I don’t feel like you should have to look a certain way to sing a certain genre," he continued. "Everybody looks at me and thinks I’m a rapper, [that] I can’t be a country artist, and it just drives me crazy." "I just want to change stereotypes. You can’t be scared to be different. I honestly love the old school sound, because I feel like I’m an old soul when it comes to that stuff, but I’m mixed in with new school. I like how I do sound right now, but there’s times when I want go back and do one of those old school songs, but you don’t know if people are going to go to a party [for example] and play one of those songs."