Sugarland Tease Reunion?

November 9, 2017
By Vicki Pepper Sugarland has been on hiatus since 2012, but a mysterious post on the duo’s social media pages indicates that a reunion may be in the works. Related: Jennifer Nettles Shares 'Sugar' Music Video The duo’s hiatus began five years ago with Jennifer Nettles' maternity leave, but since then, both she’s released two solo albums. Kristian Bush also released a solo album, and more recently, produced Lindsay Ell's latest album The Project. Kristian indicated in an interview with The Boot earlier this year that he was ready to get Sugarland back in the game whenever Jennifer was ready, but Jennifer seemed less anxious in a statement from her label around that same time. Then last night (Nov. 8), the duo posted a picture of themselves on their social media accounts, simply captioned, “Still the Same,” hinting at the possibility that the beloved duo is back at work together. Check out the post below.  

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