Congratulations Jason V the May Hometown Hero


Congratulations Jason V

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this honorable program by nominating a “Hometown Hero” in our community.


Jason V – WINNER

Jason V is deserving of the home town hero nomination because he is such a loving, caring, strong, and protective man.  He has graduated ranger, airborne, and air assault school.  He is now a sergeant deployed in Afghanistan fighting to protect his God, country, and family.  He continually improves himself by making himself smarter and stronger so that when he returns he can continue to make everyone’s lives safer by being an FBI agent and keep our country out of harms way.  He is always the person his friends and family go to for advice and protection.  He is so funny and loving and this nomination would mean so much to him.  We want to nominate Jason as our hometown hero because he deserves it and we want to give back to our soldier who has given so much of his life, heart, and soul for others.  He loves children and making them smile and have a happy time.  He wants to give back to kids somehow when he returns.  Anytime he’s around his nieces and nephews he has the biggest smile on his face and he is genuinely happy.  Jason is just an all around beautiful person and he deserves the world.  We want him to feel as special as he has made all of us feel.  Please award Jason for all he has done and will continue to do. Thank you!

hhn_MeghanBMeghan B

Meghan B is a ray of sunshine in anyone’s life. I met “Beattie” through my work- actually, she interviewed me. Yes, that’s right, I just called one of my superiors a ray of sunshine. She brings up everyone around her. She is the most positive, smiley, energetic person I know. In an office of over 500 people at Yelp’s office, it’s easy to blend in, but Meghan chooses not to. She chooses to not only stand out, but bring up everyone around her. But that’s not even close to why I’m nominating her. Besides being an awesome sales manager at Yelp, she heads up what’s called “Yelp Helps.” She doesn’t have to do this. She could come into work everyday like the other managers and not do anything for the community (not that our other managers aren’t awesome in other ways), but she wants to help people. The amazing thing is, that she doesn’t only manage to get her job done in addition to organizing various events that help the community, but she motivates all of us to do good for others too. She is absolutely inspirational! I actually just donated blood for a blood drive she organized today – a blood drive that she inspired so many people to get involved with that they had to send a second bus! Next on the agenda is Relay for Life – which I’m so excited for (probably because of her excitement for it)! I’ve seen her organize Habitat for Humanity days, food drives, and so much more. This nomination doesn’t do her justice. I only wish that you could meet her. If you even just saw her you would instantly understand how much of a hero she is to everyone in our office and to the community for the work she does!

hhn_ScottHScott H

My “Hometown Hero” is  my dad, Scott H. When I was born, my hero was my Uncle. For a long time that’s all he ever was. The uncle we saw once a year in the summer. In 2000, my mother passed away. This man stepped up and took care of everything and took my sister and I in. He adopted us. Raised us. Sent us to many good schools. He works hard everyday at work (A CatScan Tech at Estrella Mountain Hospital). He always bends over backwards to help anybody, especially his family and friends. He is the smartest, kindest person I know. He threw away his old life to raise an 11 year old girl and a 13 year old girl. With know children of his own, he became his. I can’t think of anybody else that deserves a little thank you now and then. I’ve tried to do things here and there over the years to say thank you and to show appreciation. I think this is something he deserves. This world is a better place to have him in it. I’m a better woman for having him in my life and I can’t imagine him ever not being in it.

hhn_DavidCDavid C
The hometown hero I’d like to nominate is my best friend David Carmichael. David served 5 years in the Army and 1 1/2 years in the National Guard. While Daid was in the Army he did have his ups and downs. He saw things that we would only hear about. David is a disabled vetran who served in Iraq.
Since David has been back he has gotten the opportunity to be more of a big brother to his little sister. He is not only a terrific role model for her but he also inspires her everyday. David is a terrific artist. His art work truly shows the dedication and time he puts into it. I personally can always count on David whenever I need him. He is always there for me if i need a “pick me up” or even just a laugh.
I believe that David Carmichael is the perfect example of what a hometown hero should be!

The “Hometown Hero” of each month, will receive a commemorative KMLE “Hometown Hero” belt buckle and a $100 cash gift card! Not to mention, the hero of the month will be remembered each month with their nomination story and photo in the “Hometown Hero” gallery on

At the end of the year, KMLE @ 107.9 will select one “Hometown Hero” of the Year from all of the monthly winners and will hook them up with, a commemorative KMLE “Hometown Hero” of the Year engraved belt buckle and spotlight recognition on the “Hometown Hero” web page at!

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