Keith Urban Rocks A Speedo? OK KMLE Ladies, Here's A Peek!Flipping through People Magazine we came across this nugget (or nuggets if you so choose), KEITH URBAN IN A SPEEDO! Is the Euro bathing suit the "next big thing" going to hit the US beaches? Maybe after Keith's caught in one!!
David Nail Helps Out MLB Fan Cave In Giving Home Run Derby Tall TalesCountry artist David Nail is a St. Louis native & HUGE Cardinals fan, so of course he was a natural choice when the MLB Fan Cave was searching for stars to represent each slugger for tonight's MLB Home Run Derby and tell 'Tall Tales' about them! Share a laugh with the likes of Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Hortacio Sanz (of SNL fame), Chrissy Teigen (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model), & more!!
Nash's Decision Broke This Little Girl's HeartNow we all remember how we felt when we learned that Steve Nash would not be returning to Phoenix, but instead was signed & traded to the Los Angeles Lakers - Phoenix's most hated rival. Here though, is the reaction of a little girl when her mother told her the news -saddening news!
I Bet We Can Write A Song About Nash Being A Laker!Willy D. Loon ~ It was such a bummer to hear that Steve Nash is going to the Lakers but as I began reading about his career I forgot just how good Steve has been. High School championships, NCAA playoffs, numerous NBA playoffs, 2 back to back MVP awards not to mention assist leading awards and triple doubles. This song is not about dissing Steve Nash. Just L.A. "WE HATE L.A." and I don't think we should retire his number in case he comes back.
Fu Figures It Out - Dogs Noses, Why are They Always Wet?Today’s Question: Why Are Dogs' Noses Always Wet? Every Tuesday & Friday we reach out to our good friend of the show & resident “Dean of Math”, Mr. Fu, with a question that everyone wants to have an answer for!
Is Taylor Swift Dating A Kennedy??Our loveable, adorable 22yr old starlet, Taylor Swift, got rather cozy with young Patrick Schwarzenegger, the 18yr old son of the Kennedy clan’s Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, while visiting the Kennedy Compound over the Fourth of July holiday. (Patrick's mother, Maria Shriver, is the daughter of politician Sargent Shriver and his wife, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.)
Twitter Kim Brought Us News Of A New Kissing Game
Brand New Zac Brown Band Video For 'The Wind'The Ginj-Ninj brought us news this morning of this brand new video by The Zac Brown Band on animated by Mike Judge! It's an interesting twist on the normal video saga of 'The Legend of Flody Boatwood'. Judge, of "King of the Hill" and "Beavis & Butthead" fame, is apparently a big fan of the ZBB!
WHY Steve, WHY?! Nash To The Los Angeles Lakers?An end of an era came crashing to a halt yesterday - The day Steve Nash signed with another team. But if only it hadn't been this way. The Phoenix Suns completed a sign & trade deal to send him to...the Miam- wait a second, really?!
Fu Figures It Out: Why Do Fly Swatters Have Holes?Every Tuesday & Friday we reach out to our good friend of the show & resident “Dean of Math”, Mr. Fu, with a question that everyone wants to have an answer for! You can now send your suggestions & questions for Fu!!
Be Careful Around The Fire Crackers! I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!With all the federal studies on the most likely time to be injured by fireworks (**Spoiler Alert**- It's July!!), we thought it was a great time to revisit last year's classic "Firecracker Safety" song Willy wrote! I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!
Looks Like It's Gonna Be A Hot One In Richland - Godzilla, Really?!@FakeNBC12's twitter erupted into a viral video frenzy the other night after meteorologist Aaron Justus of CBS 6 in Richmond, Va. gave this weather forecast most of us will never need! This video never aired, but was released online to combat the woes of July weather.

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