Merle Haggard Tribute Show W/ All Star Lineup To Happen In NashvilleWillie Nelson, Miranda Lambert and more are set to perform at an all-star Merle Haggard Tribute show!!
Nelson's Skype Call From Down Under!Nelson checked in with wacky Australian laws & commentary about the recent Supreme Court rulings here in the US of A!
Twitter Kim & Nelson Both Bring Us The Scoop On Aussie's Olympic Swimmers With GunsWe heard about this story from Twitter Kim with it floating around the social media sphere the last few days, so we decided to ask our own Aussie source, Nelson!
It's Halloween Now... And Nelson Is In Studio!
Ferris Wheeled Airplanes? Nelson Shares The Story!
Aussie Call 9-19-2011!
Nelson Gives Us The Low Down
Nelson Gives Advice For Jealous Listener
You Can Get Fined $240 For Swearing In Public
Nelson: I'm As Busy As A One Armed Brick Layer In Bagdad
Nelson: Don't Talk About The Debt!
Nelson: I Did Ring Her And She's Still Alive

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