Loser Line 7/13/17 [AUDIO]Today's Loser Line features a dude who is all about hot dogs and a dude trying to get his wedding RSVP in... Check it out!!
Badger Take Hot Dogs To The Face [VIDEO] Slo-MoChris & Nina's Headphone Karaoke happens each Friday at 8:30 and Producer Badger ended up on the losing end of KMLE Nation's votes last week. Here's the video of his consequence!
Burger King to Add Hot Dogs to the GrillBurger King is going to the dogs — hot dogs, that is.
Pizza Hut's UK Stuffed Their Crust With....Hotdogs?Pizza Hut has introduced a new version of stuffed-crust pizza. Instead of using melted cheese as a filling, they're stuffing the crust with . . . hotdogs. You can also get it topped with a mustard drizzle. Unfortunately, this isn't available in the States. They've been selling it in Thailand and Japan, and just made it available in England. No word on if or when it will make its way over here.
Food For Thought Friday: Where's The BEST HOT DOG

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