Burger King just made the Whopperitto ... Whopper BurritoSooo what do YOU think of this? Whopper + Burrito = Whopperrito and it's a real thing.
Burger King to Add Hot Dogs to the GrillBurger King is going to the dogs — hot dogs, that is.
I Bet We Can Write A Song About The Bacon Sundae!
Lauren Alaina's Angry Rant Tweets Found!Browsing around this morning, wishing all of yesterday that we had found a copy of the “angry” tweets Lauren Alaina entertained the Twitter Sphere with earlier this week before she’d deleted & apologized for them, we found that our own Ginj-Ninj hadn’t checked his own Twitter account in nearly 4 days! (WHAT?!) So what does that matter you may ask? - HE STILL HAD THE DELETED TWEETS!!
Burger King. DELIVERY?!
Peperoncinis all around

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