Loser Line 11/2/17 [AUDIO]Today's Loser Line features a guy who thinks he just won $1000 and a woman that's out for revenge on a dude for touching her hair... Check it out!!
Chris Stapleton bacon statue "I look delicious"Why yes, yes you do. I think my stomach just growled. But I'm also slightly unsure about this. Chris Stapleton has been sculpted out of BACON. Check it out.
Woman bravely fights off intruder using THIS??Even though the pig is dead, it can still make you squeal if you aren’t careful. The following story is short, but it’s got some meat to it.
Every Man Must Grill...Things To Grill Other Than A Burger.
Sizzl: The Dating App for Bacon Lovers
10 Most Loved/Most Hated Smells
I Bet We Can Write A Song About The Bacon Sundae!
Bacon Hating Muslums -I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!

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