KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Hero”


NOMINATE A “HOMETOWN HERO” WHO DESERVES TO BE RECOGNIZED! We all know people in our lives who put others first and want to make the world a better place such as the first responders on the front lines making our lives safer day by day. KMLE Nation, we need your help finding people in the Valley who have made a difference in the community and deserve to be recognized for it. The new KMLE @ 107.9 and Fulton Homes are on a mission to recognize individuals in the Valley who have made difference in the community and in the lives of others: these people are KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Heroes.” A “Hometown Hero” can be an active or inactive member of our military, police department, fire department or any kind of first responder. Criteria include being a positive role model, someone who has consistent dedication and commitment to the community, someone who is viewed as a courageous leader. All you have to do is nominate them! Here are the easy steps to nominate a “Hometown Hero”:

  • Nominate a “Hometown Hero” using the entry form below!
  • The person that you know to be who deserves the title, “Hometown Hero” should be a positive role model, consistent dedication and commitment to the community, leadership and courage
  • If this is someone that you know, then this is your chance to make a difference in their life, let them know that they are appreciated!
  • Make a difference in someone’s life… Enter below!

Come back and vote on who YOU think should be the month’s “Hometown Hero” The “Hometown Hero” of each month, will receive a commemorative KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Hero” belt buckle and a $250 cash gift card! Not to mention, the hero of the month will be remembered each month with their nomination story and photo in KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Hero” gallery on At the end of the year, KMLE @ 107.9 and Fulton Homes will select one “Hometown Hero” of the Year from all of the monthly winners and will hook them up with a commemorative KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Hero” of the Year engraved belt buckle and spotlight recognition on KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Hero” web page at! KMLE’s Fulton Homes “Hometown Hero” is brought to you by Fulton Homes, you’re proud to own, we’re proud to build.


August 1st

Nomination Period Begins

August 25th

Top 5 Finalists are Selected / Voting Period

August 30th

KMLE “Hometown Hero” Announced

It’s THAT simple to give back to those who help make our local communities a better place to live.

Enter Below!

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